Craig AndersonOn Mondays we want to introduce you to some of the individuals who have been supported by the Bonar Trust since it started.  Hopefully this will give an insight into the importance of the trust and how the money supports gospel work across Scotland.

Craig Anderson lives in Dundee and was supported by the Bonar Trust from 2012-14.

Tell us a little about yourself

I grew up in Northumberland to Scottish parents and moved up to Scotland myself in 2008 for university. I now live in Dundee with my wife Amy and our daughter Tabitha.

What ministry training are you undertaking/did you undertake?

I undertook the Ministry Associate Program at St Catherine’s Argyle/Chalmers Church in 2012-2014. As part of this I also studied part time at Cornhill Scotland. I am currently a UCCF Staff Worker, which I also include as ministry training.

What lead you into training for gospel ministry?

There were a few factors. One was my minister David Robertson, I was mentored by him as a student. Another factor was the Words For Life Conference (originally Biblical Evangelism Conference). Here this gave me the opportunity to give an evangelistic talk that I had written and also find out more what is involved in Christian ministry. The third factor was   meeting Robin Sydserff. I first met him when he spoke at the biblical evangelism conference and a year later he was speaking at the Dundee CU weekend away and events week when I was CU president at the time. Through talking with him, David and both of them opening their homes many times to myself and Amy I was led to seriously consider training for gospel ministry and I’m so thankful for the time these men and their wives gave us and for investing in us.

How did/does the support of the Bonar Trust help you in your training for gospel ministry?

The Bonar Trust helped support me financially while I was undertaking the ministry associate program. They also indirectly helped support me by causing me to meet other men and women who were also undertaking training in gospel ministry who have now become great friends in ministry.

If you have completed you training, what do you do now?

After the ministry associate program I went to work as a Staff Worker with UCCF in Dundee. Here I work with the Christian Unions in Dundee University and Abertay University. Last year I had the privilege of organising the words for life conference, something which was special for me considering how much of an impact it had and continues to have on my life and ministry. In my work as a CU Staff Worker I help encourage and equip the Christian Unions, train student leaders and disciple Relay Workers (10 month graduate discipleship program with UCCF). However this is my last year with UCCF and from September I will be studying at ETS while God-willing working alongside at my local church as I train to be a minister in the Free Church of Scotland.

Give one great challenge and one great joy of working in gospel ministry.

One great challenge in ministry I find is resting well. It is easy to work and work and work at something you really love and enjoy. But it can sometimes be difficult to also rest and enjoy that to the glory of God.

One great joy I have of working in gospel ministry is the opportunity I have to invest heavily in Relay Workers, CU Presidents and Vice-Presidents and hallgroup leaders. It is a real pleasure to serve these students as older Christians have served me by sharing with them not only the gospel but also my life and to teach them how to read the bible well and how to write and lead bible studies well so that they can go onto to serve the local church better.

If you would like to give to the work for the Bonar Trust and support more individuals like Craig, you can find all the information here.