Rachel SloanOn Mondays we want to introduce you to some of the individuals who have been supported by the Bonar Trust since it started.  Hopefully this will give an insight into the importance of the trust and how the money supports gospel work across Scotland.

Rachel Sloan lives in Edinburgh and was supported by the Bonar Trust from 2010-2012.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m originally from Belfast but I left when I was six, hence no accent! I lived in England for 7 years before moving to Edinburgh when I was 13 years old. Edinburgh very much feels like home now! I grew up in a Christian family and committed my life to Christ at a young age.

What ministry training are you undertaking/did you undertake?

I  undertook the Ministry Associate Programme at Chalmers Church which included involvement in the church and completing the Cornhill course in Glasgow.  After finishing this 2 year programme I started working at Charlotte Chapel as their Women’s Ministry Coordinator.  In 2015 I started studying part-time for a Bachelor of Theology degree at Edinburgh Theological Seminary while continuing to work at Charlotte Chapel.

What lead you into training for gospel ministry?

From my final year of high school I was heavily involved in youth work particularly with Scripture Union.  I always had a passion to tell others about Jesus and to teach the Bible.  Leaving university I knew I had a desire to be involved in full-time ministry but was unsure how and what it should be.  I trained to be a teacher and a couple of years into teaching the desire hadn’t changed so I started exploring options.  A conversation with my minister, Robin Sydserff, led to me applying for the apprenticeship programme at our church.

How did/does the support of the Bonar Trust help you in your training for gospel ministry?

Leaving a full-time teaching job to start the ministry associate programme was made much easier through the support of the Bonar Trust.  It meant financial concerns were less of a worry and I could concentrate on my training.

If you have completed you training, what do you do now?

Within my role as the Women’s Ministry Coordinator at Charlotte Chapel, I lead bible studies, disciple younger women, organise events and much more. I am particularly passionate about training and equipping women to grow and develop the gifts and abilities God has given them for service.

Give one great challenge and one great joy of working in gospel ministry.

The greatest joy is getting to speak to people about the gospel and Jesus on a daily basis. I love being able to open the Bible with people and show them how God speaks to them  through it today. It is even better when you see God transforming lives by His Holy Spirit.
The greatest challenge is to retain a desire for personal Bible study and prayer. When spending your work hours in the Bible it can be easy to let personal habits slide. I have learnt time and time again that when I am not deepening my relationship with God I am much more tempted to rely on myself. In those times I either become proud or feel overwhelmed. To keep going in ministry I need to be growing in my dependence on God which comes through spending time with him.

If you would like to give to the work for the Bonar Trust and support more individuals like Rachel, you can find all the information here.