David ArmstrongOn Mondays we want to introduce you to some of the individuals who have been supported by the Bonar Trust since it started.  Hopefully this will give an insight into the importance of the trust and how the money supports gospel work across Scotland.

David Armstrong lives in Edinburgh and was supported by the trust in 2011-2013.

Tell us a little about yourself

I work part-time as an electronic engineer and biblical counsellor. In 2013 I set up New Growth Christian Counselling, which partners with Scottish churches to provide biblical counselling. For over a decade I worked as an engineer before taking time out to be a Ministry Apprentice at Charlotte Baptist Chapel when I completed Cornhill Scotland and CCEF’s distance education programme. I am married to Libby and we have three young children Hannah, Nathan and Pheobe.

What ministry training are you undertaking/did you undertake?

  • Cornhill Scotland
  • CCEF Certificate Programme

What lead you into training for gospel ministry?

  • To be better equipped as an elder
  • To see if full time Christian ministry would be a place where I could be useful for the gospel.

How did/does the support of the Bonar Trust help you in your training for gospel ministry?

  • Provided a grant so that I could enroll on Charlotte Chapel’s apprenticeship scheme

If you have completed you training, what do you do now?

  • I have retuned part time to Engineering, four days a week.
  • Work as a part time Christian counselor, one day a week.
  • Help run Biblical Counselling UK

Give one great challenge and one great joy of working in gospel ministry.

  • Joy of seeing and tasting how the gospel saves us from our broken lives and world.
  • To keep praying either in the face of business of life or seeing little fruit in peoples lives.

If you would like to give to the work for the Bonar Trust and support more individuals like David, you can find all the information here.