Each week we’re introducing you to different people supported by the Bonar Trust. Today we hear from Phil Pickett, a Minister in Training at St Andrews Free Church.

Phil Pickett

What led you into training for gospel ministry?
In short, I really love God’s Word and the power of the gospel to change lives. Full time Christian work has been on my heart for most of my life. After leaving Nepal in 2005 where my parents were missionaries I had a growing desire to go back overseas as a missionary. That has since broadened into a desire to serve God in full time ministry wherever he puts me.

What training had you done prior to your current role?
I was a ministry trainee at St. Andrews Free Church for two years while doing the Cornhill training course in Glasgow.


What does training look like day to day?
During a normal week, I study at Edinburgh Theological Seminary for two days, I have in-house staff training, train student Bible study leaders, lead Bible studies on Wednesdays and Thursdays, meet up with students 1-to-1, oversee the music at church, and preach roughly once a month.


What have you learned over the course of your training? What have been the highlights?
The highlight of the past few years must be the in depth discipleship I receive under Paul and Hamish’s supervision [Minister and Assistant Minister at St Andrews]. By God’s grace, this has been instrumental in helping me to grow in character, maturity, and ministry skills. In a similar vein what I most enjoy about training for ministry is studying God’s word with people and witnessing them grow in Christlikeness.


What do you hope to do when you’ve finished training? What stage are you at with these plans?
Right now I don’t know what I’ll be doing past continuing at ETS part time while working for St. Andrews Free Church. I am open to ministry in the UK or abroad, wherever God takes me.


What role has the Bonar Trust played in your training?
The Bonar Trust has been vital in funding my study and living costs over the past few years. I have also really appreciated the preaching conferences for the training provided, and the opportunities to build key relationships with those at a similar stage to me of training.

If you would like to give to the work for the Bonar Trust and support more individuals like Phil, you can find all the information here.

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