We are thankful to God for growth in work and impact of the Trust.

Our main challenging now is keeping pace with this growth. The following table illustrates:

These projections are based on detailed modelling, embracing a number of different factors. Year on year, our modelling has proved to be accurate.

This year 2022-23 the Trust has funded 69 individuals, totalling just over £300,000.

We anticipate a further increase in 2023-24 to 95 grants, totalling £420,000.

The target recurring annual funding level is 100 training grants, totalling £500,000. The match funding model will generate an annual overall investment in training of £1,000,000 +. This is the level we believe will begin to make a significant and sustainable impact in Scotland for the medium and longer term. The Trust wants to reach this target by 2024-25.