Funding people through their training is very important, enabling more people to train and get the training they need.  Funding creates a culture of rigour and quality in training, particularly when local churches are invested in / taking responsibility for training.  

Funding is a practical recognition and response to the significant demands, financial and in other ways, that an extended period of training makes on an individual, a couple or a family. It enables people who do not have financial means to support themselves and their families during a period of training. This is particularly important for people in their late twenties / early thirties, many with young children, who would like to train for vocational ministry, but don’t have a capital base that enables them to do so.  Funding through the period of training allows for more flexibility at the deployment end, recognising the variation in, for example, housing provision when new churches are started.

Currently, the maximum annual Bonar Trust grants are as shown below: