The Bonar Trust is entirely dependent on the giving of individuals to support its work. We invite you to consider supporting the work of the Trust prayerfully and financially. From the perspective of the Trust’s activities, regular giving would be most beneficial.

If you are able to commit to giving and/or praying for the work of the Trust, please email for a Pledge Form which gives all the information you need.

Methods of giving to the Trust:

  1. Giving through Stewardship: Give online Trust here.
  2. By standing order payable to the Trust’s bank account.
  3. By cheque, made payable to ‘The Bonar Trust.’ Please send your cheque, together with your full name and contact details to The Trust Administrator, at 69b Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4AZ.

You can find the GiftAid form here.