The Trust is now focusing increasingly on the development of training churches. The establishment of a network of strong training churches across the country is critical to creating the pipeline of gospel workers.

It is encouraging to see the number of training churches growing. There are a number of key factors: an increasing awareness of the importance of training gospel workers; churches taking the responsibility for training; people trained with the support of the Trust, now in leadership, are developing strong training programmes.

With the support of the Trust, new training churches are emerging each year. The Trust now has links with over 40 training churches.

Importantly, there is a healthy spread of training churches geographically, in cities, towns and rural areas. The spread is also reflected in the different grouping and constituencies the Trust is working with, e.g. the Free Church of Scotland, FIEC, Didasko, 20 Schemes. One of the most encouraging developments is seeing some of the larger, well-resourced training churches, training people to be deployed in different constituencies. For example, Chalmers Church in Edinburgh, an independent church, is training people for the Free Church of Scotland as well as independent churches.