The Trust has focused on developing pathways for training: Basic training, Advanced training and Specialist training.

Basic training sees an individual enrolled in a two-year Apprenticeship programme in a local church alongside study at, for example, Cornhill or 20 Schemes Ministry Training. While for many, an Apprenticeship will be a first step to further training and vocational ministry, for others, it shows vocational ministry is not for them. Their calling is to serve the Church in different ways. In this important respect, an Apprenticeship is the context for discernment and testing for vocational ministry.

Advanced training is an individual enrolled for three or four years in Church Leader Training. This is a training programme in a local church alongside study at, for example, Edinburgh Theological Seminary, Cornhill Pastors’ Training Course or Crosslands Training.

The Trust is committed to developing a post-Apprenticeship training track for Women in Ministry. This is with aim of creating more paid Bible-teaching roles for women in churches. Specialist Church Planter Training recognizes the importance of church planters spending time in a church planting context and receiving specialist training. A Church Planter in Training will be trained and deployed through a church planting network like Generation. As more churches are planted and established, advanced and specialist training can merge.

For many people there is a significant period between basic Apprenticeship Training and the more advanced Church Leader Training. This could be working either in a secular job, or in a ministry role, e.g. youth worker, student worker of UCCF staff worker.