The Bonar Trust welcomes applications from individuals who fall under one of two categories:

  • those who have been offered a place on an apprenticeship training programme in a church in Scotland.
  • those who are undertaking a ‘Minister in Training’ post at the post-apprenticeship level.

Applications for funding for the next academic year should be submitted by 30 April 2022, via a form that will be made available in January 2022.

Ministry Apprentice

Apprenticeship programmes are a tried, tested, and effective “first step” in training for church leadership. A two-year programme in a local church, with integrated study through a course like Cornhill, is an ideal foundation and ‘testing ground’ for individuals considering ministry.
Individuals applying for an apprenticeship grant should have an offer of a place on an apprenticeship training programme in a church in Scotland. This programme would be church based with an integrated study component.

Minister in Training

The Bonar Trust funds exceptional individuals in their post-apprenticeship training through ‘Minister in Training’ grants. The model the Trust is keen to promote is an individual working part-time in a church for three or four years alongside theological study. This offers the best preparation for leading a church, combining the rigours of theological study with ministry formation on the ground. It also recognises the financial needs of the individual for church leadership: support comes from part-time church work, the training grant from The Bonar Trust, and funding from individual sponsors.
Individuals applying for a ‘Minister in Training’ grant would be expected to be employed part-time by a church in Scotland and be undergoing theological study.

If you would like to apply to The Bonar Trust for funding, a Funding Application Form will be made available in January 2022.

Our current benchmarks for funding levels are as follows:

Funding levels image

Deadline for Applications

Trustees meet three or four times a year. When applications for funding are received, they will be considered by the Trustees at their next meeting. The deadline for applications for the next round of funding is 30 April 2022.

The Trustees determine the level of grant offered to successful applicants. They are unlikely to provide all the funding required by any one individual and cannot guarantee funding for more than one year.
Grants to individuals will normally be payable in three equal instalments in September, December, and March. Where appropriate, the Trustees may express an intention, without commitment, to grant funding for a second year.